I’m on a mission to help women find peace and end the war on food and their bodies. I like my salads (or #RealAssFood) just as much as I like my pizza, as well as dance parties, be it in the kitchen or the car!

My story might sound a lot like yours; from health-minded to health-obsessed calorie counter, avid aspartame consumer, weight watcher, over-exerciser and shame-filled binger. If you asked anyone, they would describe me as a health nut—but I was far from a picture of health.


What started with a diagnosis of anorexia at the age of 13 turned into what I refer to as a “10-year career” in disordered eating, which meant a whole lot of “eating clean” (until 7 p.m. when it would all fall apart), starting fresh on Monday and hopping from diet to diet (ugh—y’feel me?!).

I was convinced that women were simply meant to hate their bodies and be at war with food for life


But by straying from restrictive diets, learning to appreciate how real wholesome food makes me feel, giving myself permission to enjoy all foods, turning to forms of movement that I genuinely enjoy and practicing self-love, I was able to prove to myself that a life of restriction and self-hate didn’t have to be my story—and now I coach women to show them that it doesn’t have to be theirs either. 

Girl, you’re about to discover…

  • That salad and pizza can co-exist in a “healthy” diet.

  • That giving yourself permission to enjoy all foods is the secret to break free from dieting and obsessing about food 24/7.

  • That self-compassion will take you way further than self-hate ever will.

  • That health can exist at any size.

  • And that you aren’t your weight.

Heck, by the time we're done working together, you’ll be excitedly throwing on that bathing suit again that's been tucked away in your dresser drawer for far too long, sipping on your (insert your go-to drink of choice here—I’m grabbing a negroni!) without a care in the world, other than when the guac and chips are about to arrive on your table 😍.

My friend, whatever journey you may be on, trust that healing is completely possible and know that I’m with you every step of the way!


Did we just become best friends?

Can I  fill that cup of yours?

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Rachel Molenda (@rachelmmolenda) is Toronto-based Intuitive Eating Nutritionist and Host of the Fill Your Cup Podcast, on a mission to help women obsess less and make peace with food and their bodies. Rachel brings her non-restrictive, whole foods-based approach to the healing work she does with burnt-out women who are tired of chronic dieting to help them establish a healthy relationship with food and their body.

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