Rachel is all about keeping it raw and real with her audience, primarily made up of women, providing them with solutions that will help them to live a healthy life without restriction, whether it’s a delicious superfood snack or the comfiest and coziest leggings they can slide into when jeans just aren’t going to cut it!


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Rachel loves to represent and sing the praises of products, brands and services that she loves and uses and is always excited to discover new ones that align with her healthy living philosophy.

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and an advocate for Intuitive Eating and Body Positivity, Rachel is passionate about working with companies that fall within categories such as: real food, natural beauty/personal care, mindfulness and inclusive clothing (jeans, undergarments, swimwear, active wear).


There are several ways we can work together, which include but are not limited to:


The Fill Your Cup Podcast

The Fill Your Cup Podcast explores the many ways you can meet your needs or “fill your cup” on a daily basis, be it prioritizing nutrition, incorporating self-care, getting high-quality sleep, managing stress or finding the job you love! If you are a product, brand or service that serves as a cup-filling solution to either of these things, we’d be happy to consider you as the next Fill Your Cup Podcast sponsor! 

Let’s work together!


Recipe Development

State 3 ingredients in your fridge and Rachel will tell you a palate-pleasing, go-back-for-seconds-worthy recipe to whip up! Rachel loves putting a fresh & healthy twist on crowd-pleasing favourites and turning them into #RealAssFood meals that everyone can enjoy. Get in touch to learn more about how Rachel can help brainstorm, develop and create new recipes with your product or brand. Please note, products must have a health and wellness focus.

Let’s work together!


Sponsored Content

Get your product or brand in front of a unique and engaged audience predominantly made up of women in the form of a Sponsored Blog Post, Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Instagram Giveaway or Instagram Takeover. 

Let’s work together!


Additional Opportunities:




Branded TV Segments

Consulting for Health & Wellness Brands

Influencer Event Hosting

Cooking Demonstrations

Private & Corporate Workshops

Branded Editorial Writing


Interested in additional opportunities?

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