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The Intuitive Way for Eating

Obsess less and discover the food and body freedom you’ve been looking for.


why intuitive eating?


When I started doing Nutrition Consultations in January 2017, I quickly discovered that the reason people struggled to stick to their health goals wasn’t because of a lack of knowledge around nutrition, but because they knew too much. 

The abundance of conflicting information and ways of eating—high-fat, low-fat, vegan, keto, “eggs are good”, “eggs are bad”—was keeping people stuck, causing them to hop from diet to diet with no success. 

Our global fixation on weight loss and equating it to health isn’t helping either. In many cases, it’s causing people to gain weight and disregard the true determining factors of health, like high-quality sleep, healthy relationships, socialization, low stress and happiness.

That’s where the Intuitive Way for Eating comes in.


Create a life full of freedom without the guilt.


The Intuitive Way For Eating approach will help you to:

  • Stray from calorie and/or macro-counting and restrictive diets (that don’t work) 

  • Obsess less about food 

  • Discover your Intuitive Eater from within

  • Release negative thought patterns about your body, 

  • Eat and live in a healthy way that feels natural to you—without obsession or deprivation.


The facts:

  • Dieting is actually one of the leading causes of weight gain

  • 95% of people who diet will gain the weight back within 1-5 years

  • The human body is a very primitive being focused on surviving and does not respond positively to weight loss (i.e. encourages fat storage, slows metabolism, increases cravings, degrades muscle quality)

  • Using weight or BMI as a measure for health disregards the true determinants of health and encourages unhealthful, restrictive behaviours 

  • Diets that focus on restriction in the way of macros, calorie counting or portion control don’t consider individual needs or a person’s genetic blueprint, contributing to havoc in the body.

  • Dieting interferes with the health of your digestion, mood and hormones

  • Dieting is often known to result in overeating or binging 

  • Health can exist at every size


This Program is for you if:

  • You think about food 24/7 and you’re constantly thinking about your next meal

  • You aren’t happy with the way your body looks and are looking for ways to change it

  • You often turn to diets as a way to be in control of your weight and feel the need to be “on” a diet plan all the time

  • You feel like a failure for not being able to stick to a plan or “get it right”

  • You experience temporary weight loss as a result of dieting, only to gain most of it back

  • You are able to exercise “willpower” until the end of the day when it all falls apart

  • You are an emotional eater and turn to food (or wine) to cope with stress or sadness

  • You engage in binge eating and feel out of control around food

  • You are constantly “starting fresh on Monday”


the intuitive way for eating

You’ll never have to start fresh on a Monday—or ever—again!

Discover your intuitive eater from within, and eat and live in a healthy way that feels natural to you—without obsession or deprivation.


What You Get


Over the course of 4 months, we’ll be working closely together to help you release your food fears, free yourself from chronic dieting and establish a healthy way of eating and living unique to you!


This program includes:

  • 1-Hour Initial Consultation (via Skype, FaceTime or Phone)

  • Customized Wellness Plan (containing gentle dietary, supplement and lifestyle suggestions)

  • x6 30-Minute Follow Ups

  • x6 Reflection Exercises

  • x1 Wrap Up Call


Take the leap towards wellness that works

Get started on a wellness journey that will last for life for $1475 (+ tax)


client love

“As we worked through the written exercises provided to focus my eating, body and happiness awareness, Rachel respectfully challenged my thinking about what health meant and what I thought it should look like. Slowly, I realized that my old ideas about health and body image were not serving me – they weren’t even necessarily true! What I really wanted was to not think about or be preoccupied with rules around eating and at the same time, to be healthy and take good care of my body. And so began my intuitive eating journey. This shift required (and continues to require) a whole new mindset that would not have been possible without the safe and caring environment Rachel created and her invitation to explore, consider new ideas and take chances.”

— Pam E. —

How it Works

The Intuitive Way for Eating is a 4 month plan.


step one

We begin with a 1-Hour Initial Consultation (via Skype, FaceTime or Phone). We will review your health history, current lifestyle habits and relationship with food to get a comprehensive understanding of who you are. You will receive a Wellness Plan complete with gentle dietary, supplement and lifestyle suggestions. This will serve as a foundation to help you physically feel better throughout this process.

step two

After 3 weeks of putting your Wellness Plan into place, we will connect over our first themed 30-Minute Follow Up Session (“Breaking Up With Dieting”). We’ll first check-in on how things have been going and then introduce the themed lesson.

step three

We’ll connect bi-weekly for each themed Follow Up, which will follow the structure listed above. For each Follow Up, you will receive you a Reflection Exercise to summarize each week’s lesson and apply the learnings to your own experience.


We’ll finish up with a Wrap Up Call to check in on how you’re feeling, answer any remaining questions and provide you with recommendations for next steps to move forward with confidence and excitement about your intuitive eating journey.


Want to learn more? Book a discovery call!


7 Bi-weekly follow ups

The Curriculum

Get ready to be guided and supported as you move through the process of breaking up with dieting, rediscovering your hunger cues, making friends with food and your body, and learning how to invite health habits into your life that work for you!


 Follow Up #1:

Breaking Up with Dieting


It’s time to break up with diets–for good.

If diets worked, they would have been now. The reality is that 95% of diets fail and your body, as a primitive being focused merely on survival, does not like dieting. You will learn why dieting does not work, the implications of fluctuating weight and strategies to shift the focus away from weight loss.


Follow Up #2:

Getting to Know Your Hunger Signals


We’ve been taught to believe that hunger is “bad” and that it should be suppressed, even though it’s a biological need.

You will discover: the negative effects of ignoring hunger signals, why “willpower” doesn’t exist, the benefits of honouring your hunger signals, the truth about portion control, how to distinguish between thoughts and hunger cues and steps to start honouring your hunger.


Follow Up #3:

Making Friends with Food


When you eat foods you genuinely enjoy, you feel more content and satisfied with less.

We will explore the benefit of removing the “bad” label from food to free you from food guilt and how to bring “scary” foods into the house without thinking about them 24/7 or binging.


Follow Up #4:

Respecting Your Body


Fighting against your biology is a form of self-sabotage and is setting you up for a lifetime of struggling.

Body diversity is a fact and the more we embrace our bodies, the better the relationship with yourself can be. The strategies and tactics you’ll learn this week will help you accept and respect your body.


follow up #5:

Putting Weight Loss on the Back Burner


We’re taught to think that we can exert control over our bodily processes, including weight loss. The truth is, our body thinks very primitively and is focused on survival.

This week you will learn why your body responds negatively to dieting, how “set point weight” works and how to pursue health without fixating on weight.


Follow up #6:

Flexible Nutrition


These gentle nutrition strategies are designed to support your energy levels, mood and keep you feeling your best by balancing blood sugar, supporting digestion and eating mindfully.

These recommendations are flexible and aren’t meant to be followed perfectly, but to act as tools to feel and show up as the best version of yourself every day.



Wrap Up Call


Let’s check in! How are you feeling? What’s working? What do you need further support with?

It’s important that you feel you have all of the tools and resources to move forward on your intuitive eating journey on your own. Rachel will clarify any remaining questions you have and provide you with recommendations for next steps to ensure you feel supported and confident about the direction you’re going in. 

ready to get started?

create a life full of freedom without the guilt

The Intuitive Way for Eating will teach you to...

Engage in healthy habits while enjoying the food and lifestyle habits you love with less criticism and more compassion




After taking this Program:

  • You will feel less preoccupied and obsessed with food, other than your love and appreciation for it

  • You will be able to enjoy all foods (chips, chocolate, wine) without the guilt 

  • You will be less critical towards yourself 

  • You will be able to engage in healthy habits without having to obsessively plan

  • You will feel more confident in the skin you’re in and wear clothes that make you feel your best

  • You will no longer feel fearful of specific foods or controlled by them

  • You will be less obsessed with the scale (and may even throw it out altogether!)

  • You will look forward to meals alone or with friends/family again, having grown an appreciation and positive relationship with food

Note: Weight loss is a side effect of this work, however, I do not guarantee weight loss as a result of your efforts. If your primary focus is weight loss, we may not be the best fit for each other.


Take the leap towards wellness that works

Your wellness journey awaits!

Ready to obsess less and discover the food and body freedom you’ve been looking for? Let’s do it!


This program includes:

  • 1-Hour Initial Consultation (via Skype, FaceTime or Phone)

  • Customized Wellness Plan (containing gentle dietary, supplement and lifestyle suggestions)

  • x6 30-Minute Follow Ups

  • x6 Reflection Exercises

  • x1 Wrap Up Call


Take the leap towards wellness that works

Get started on a wellness journey that will last for life for $1475 (+ tax)


Interested in this program, but want to learn more?

Book a 15-minute discovery call to have all of your lingering questions answered!


 Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll answer this by sharing what most of my clients experience or feel like after working with me, which is less preoccupied thinking about food 24/7, able to enjoy all foods without guilt, less critical towards self, no longer fearful of specific foods, able to engage in healthy habits without planning obsessively or exerting control over what they’re eating and more confident in their skin and excited to wear clothing that is both stylish and comfortable! I will also say that I truthfully never thought I could recover from my disordered eating/chronic dieting mindset and that intuitive eating played a massive role in helping me get to where I am today where I’m able to live a healthy lifestyle without it negatively impacting or taking over my entire life. If that sounds like how you want to feel, then The Intuitive Way For Eating program may be for you!

This program can take anywhere from 4 months up to 8 months or 1 year. It depends how you spread out your follow ups. I recommend bi-weekly follow ups, but in the event that a schedule change is required due to vacation or needing more time to work through and practice the new concepts, this can extend the length of the program.

I do not guarantee weight loss and I do not use weight as a measure for success of this program. Weight loss can be a side effect of the intuitive eating process, but it is not guaranteed. However, through this program you will learn how to view weight in a new light and learn more beneficial and effective methods to pursue and experience health.

I do not provide a meal plan. You will receive gentle dietary recommendations after your Initial Consultation in the Wellness Plan and during Follow Up #6. However, the intention behind giving you direction in this way is to support you and help you feel your best throughout this process. For example, if you are experiencing low energy or pain from menstrual cramps, I will provide you with gentle dietary direction.

All of the sessions take place online via Skype, FaceTime or phone (depending on your preference).

After you’ve gone through the the program, we will conclude with a Wrap Up Call to check in on your progress and see where you might still need support. If more support is needed, I may provide a list of recommendations to help you moving forward, or suggest booking a few more Follow Up Appointments. Each individually booked Follow Up appointment (45 minutes) will be billed at $95 + HST.

Yes, 2-month and 3-month payment plans are available, meaning, you can split your final payment up into monthly payments over 2 months ($737.50/month) or 3 months ($492/month). If this is of interest to you, please specify in your initial email or during your discovery call.