31: Filling Your Cup After A Breakup + What It Taught Me About Trusting Your Gut

Rachel Molenda_Knixwear_BreakUpPodcast

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@rachelmmolenda), you may already know that my partner and I very mutually and amicably recently parted ways after 6 beautiful years together. I’m sharing this personal experience, not to look for sympathy or pity, but to share the many lessons that have come out of this process, including what might be the most important lesson I ever needed to learn in trusting your gut and intuition. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How it all happened

  • Why I don’t regret going to couples therapy

  • Comparison syndrome to other people’s journeys and “life” moments

  • Serendipity, and other signs that you’re on the right path

  • Trusting and surrendering

  • Setting boundaries to protect your emotions and energy

  • Projections of the difference between dating at 22 and 28

  • How my relationship with food and alcohol has been impacted by all of this

  • The healing tools I turned to during the breakup

  • The “Build Rach Back Up List”

  • Where I’m at today and how I’m feeling

  • Trusting your gut and intuition to discover your most authentic, true self


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