32: Intuitive Movement, Inclusivity In Fitness and Changing The Way We Think About Yoga with Shannon Hastings


It’s not uncommon to hear of someone moan and groan about having to go to the gym or pursue movement in general – and while you might think otherwise, it’s not because people are “lazy”. The problem with how we’ve come to view exercise, fitness and movement as a whole is that we’ve put qualifications around it (i.e. “you need to sweat in order for it to qualify as a workout”). 

The other problem is that the mainstream forms of fitness do not address body diversity and are truly not inclusive for every body.

Shannon Hastings – movement educator, a yoga teacher, a creative entrepreneur + a photographer – is here to debunk those myths and share how we can explore intuitive movement to eventually find a form of movement that is sustainable, enjoyable and unique to you! Shannon is passionate about showing people that yoga, movement, meditation and breath work can be for anybody and ANY BODY in an inclusive and supportive safe space.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Shannon’s journey to discovering intuitive movement

  • Fitness competitions and how they can do more harm than good

  • Holding space for others as a practitioner

  • How to seek held space for you

  • Are you bringing diet culture into your fitness classes?

  • Using your ears to listen vs. words to fix

  • The importance of breath work

  • Shannon’s “Anti-yoga” approach and how it differs from conventional yoga

  • Mobility and movement > “Yoga”

  • How practitioners can make movement more accessible and how to seek out inclusive movement

  • The role of Crossfit in recovering from an eating disorder

  • How to be inclusive and mindful of diverse bodies as a practitioner

  • Finding a sustainable form of movement that you love


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