Leaving Social Media + 165K Followers In The Name Of Mental Health with Own It Babe


You may know Rini Frey (@ownitbabe) for her inspirational posts about body positivity and eating disorder recovery. You may also know her for the brave decision she made in May 2019 to step away from her Instagram account of 165K followers and her entire business for the sake of her mental health. 

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In this episode we discuss:

  • What initially inspired Rini to start @ownitbabe

  • Why Rini decided to take a leave from Instagram

  • Mental health in the social media age

  • “Qualifications” of having an eating disorder and the problem with this measure

  • How her Rini’s husband provided support during her eating disorder and recovery

  • Thin privilege – what is it and how Rini navigated this on social media

  • How to know when to walk away from something for the sake of your mental health

  • The steps Rini has taken to have a healthy relationship with social media

  • Whether digital detoxes are actually effective

  • Supportive resources for eating disorders, eating disorder recovery and body dysmorphia

  • What Rini is doing now + what to expect in the future


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